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Owl Keychain

Owl Keychain


Our beautiful Owl Keychain;

A beautiful piece to create something so deep-rooted in love.

This keychain is a wonderful alternative to jewelry.

Please view our "Option" page to see all photos  of available glitters and shimmers.

  • Breast milk comes in all different colours, and is unique to the person who produces it. Your breast milk keepsake may vary in colour because of this. This is part of what makes your keepsake one-of-a-kind! All of our jewelry is handcrafted, and also may slightly differ from piece to piece. 

    Pearl Shimmers can appear different shades, depending on what you have mixed in with them, or what item it's set with.
    This is because pearlescent pigments will absorb and reflect the colour they are set on. The darker the inclusion/keepsake, the more the pearlescent colour will shine through. You can see examples of this on our Options page. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.
    This is just another thing that makes your keepsake so unique and one-of-a-kind to you 🥰

    Deep-Rooted Love is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring to your keepsake as a result of improper care and maintenance.

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