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Glitter, Shimmer and Colour options

What are the differences..?


Glitter: can be fine dust or larger chunks, depending on preference. When mixed into a keepsake, glitter will not change the overall colour of your piece. 

Shimmer:  is a coloured powder. It is made from a natural mineral called muscovite, which has a natural shimmering, iridescent property. This will alter your keepsakes colour, and give it a shimmery appearance.

Pearl Shimmer:  can appear different shades, depending on what you have mixed in with them, or what keepsake it's set with. Pearlescent pigments will absorb and reflect the colour they are set on. The darker the inclusion/keepsake, the more the pearlescent colour will shine through.

Colour:  flat colour with no shimmery appearance. Liquid pastes are used to achieve this look. These pastes are the best option to achieve a custom colour, as you can mix them.

Gold Leaf Foil: shiny chunks of imitation gold that has been rolled out into very thin sheets. They can be used as large chunks, or smaller pieces to imitate glitter - they are shiny and not glittery.

Most popular choices

Please remember each keepsake is one-of-a-kind and keepsakes will vary slightly in appearance.


Colour options


Having too many choices can be overwhelming, but not seeing a choice you really love [for such a special keepsake] can be disappointing. 

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