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Your order number is provided in your confirmation email. You will need it to track your Keepsakes progress below.

Our orders are typically processed in the order they are received.

We limit the number of orders, to ensure each order is worked on carefully and not rushed. The piece will not preserve properly if the process is rushed. 


The method of preserving your milk from start to finish (not including the time spent working on the jewelry portion) is about 4 weeks. Through trial and error we have found this method to be the best to preserve your milk properly; but it takes a number of labour hours, which is reflected in our price. This is why we ask up to 10-12 weeks for turnaround time once your inclusions have been received.

It is possible for your keepsake to be completed before that timeframe; however we do ask for that time so we can preserve your inclusions without rushing the process.

Please only message us about your order in the Queue if it has been over 12 weeks since your inclusions were received, or you are having concerns. We will respond to you as soon as we are able to.


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